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ESET Threat Monitoring is available to customers who subscribe to our Managed detection and response services.

This is a complete package that includes guaranteed fast response time, 24/7 setup, direct access to ESET experts and SLA-backed incident response. It’s backed up by the long-term expertise of our threat hunting team that is on the leading edge of malware prevention and incident and response.

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Thorough initial assessment

The service starts with an assessment of the customer's environment. This is based on interviews with the key staff. This phase lets us create a profile for each customer so that the threat hunting service can bring most benefits. We consider this to be the most important part of the process.

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Daily monitoring

Your organization's EDR, ESET Enterprise Inspector, is checked every day to detect any signs of a threat before it materializes. Our team concentrates on triggered alarms, further investigation of potential threats and subsequently the prioritization of alarms that require an intervention.

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Value-added reports

For less critical items you’ll get regular reports. These are compiled and curated to be easy to comprehend, clear and actionable. Any detected anomalies are addressed by recommendations on how to proceed if the anomaly proves to be a real threat.

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Instant alerts

When it comes to a critical event that warrants immediate attention, we have a process that fixes everything – ASAP. Our team immediately alerts your designated individual so they can take steps to resolve the situation.

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One stop ahead

Our endpoint protection product does a great job stopping malware and even zero day threats, so we can "connect the dots" and prevent the most advanced persistent threats as they start preparing to attack.

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Ongoing fine-tuning

The threat landscape and your situation change over time – so do our recommendations to keep your security posture as stable as possible, all the tim

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Benefit from the following features

Daily Monitoring

Organization’s ESET Enterprise Inspector console will be checked by a live operator from ESET at least once every 24 hours within regular business days.


Threat Monitoring operators reach out to the customer’s designated point of contact to alert them of any critical events that warrant immediate attention.

Compiled Report

ESET Threat Monitoring operators compile their findings into clear and comprehensible status reports.

Ongoing Fine-tuning

In case Threat Monitoring operators create new rules and/or exclusions, they document this in the next report to be created.


Any detected anomalies, pinpointed for further investigation on the customer’s side, are addressed by ESET with recommendations on how to proceed in case the anomaly proves to be a real threat.

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Explore our solutions

Threat Monitoring can be purchased as a part of the service solution.

Managed Detection and Response

Combining the skills of our world-class IT security research teams and the cutting-edge technology of our IT security products.

  • Guaranteed, fast response times
  • Business continuity ensured
  • Skilled ESET personnel to manage your security

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ESET has over 25 years' experience of helping people to Enjoy Safer Technology. Our software is light on hardware, but hard on malware.

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