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Threats are evolving rapidly: It’s not just about viruses anymore. Spyware, Trojans, worms, and phishing attacks are all on the rise. Malware writers are actively evolving their code in attempts to evade security defenses. Here you'll find resources to understand the nature of these evolving threats, their impact on your business, and why proactive protection is so important.

Quick Facts:

  • The total number of unique phishing reports submitted to APWG in April 2007 was 23,656, a jump of 6,166 from the April 2006 (Anti-Phishing Working Group)
  • One out of every ten sites on the Web is infected with “drive-by” malware – malware that automatically installs itself on a computer when it visits a site (Google research, 2007)
  • Annual worldwide economic damages from malware exceeded $13 Billion in 2006, which is $10 Billion more than in 1997 (2007 Malware Report, Computer Economics)

Virus Radar - Real-Time Threat Monitor

See a current picture of malware being sent through email at real-time threat monitoring center located at ISPs across the globe.

Recommended Reading & Resources

  • SANS Internet Storm Center:
  • Virus Bulletin, the premier independent antivirus testing authority:
  • AVIEWS, an Anti-Virus Information & Early Warning System which grew out of AVIEN
  • EICAR, The European Institute of Computer Anti-Virus Research,
  • Spycar Interview


AVIEWS (Anti-Virus Information and Early Warning System) brings together Anti-Virus software vendors, corporate security professionals and independent researchers in a discussion and information sharing network of anti-malware professionals, providing early identification and warning of new malware


The Association of Anti-Virus Asia Researchers. ESET & its partner Chillisoft will host the 2006 AVAR Conference in Auckland New Zealand.


The Anti-Spyware Coalition (ASC) is a group dedicated to building a consensus about definitions and best practices in the debate surrounding spyware and other potentially unwanted technologies.


The Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG) is the global pan-industrial and law enforcement association focused on eliminating the fraud and identity theft that result from phishing, pharming and email spoofing of all types

Team Anti-Virus

Team Anti-Virus is a network of anti-malware professionals with an interest in providing education and information on anti-malware issues.


AVIEN (Anti-Virus Information Exchange Network) is the largest grassroots discussion network of independent anti-virus researchers in the world.

Rootkit Protection

ESET NOD32 v2.7's new anti-stealth rootkit detection technologies are integrated right into the existing program, are enabled by default, and can be managed through the ESET NOD32 Control Center interface.

The Anti-Spyware Coalition

The ASC is a group dedicated to building a consensus about definitions and best practices in the debate surrounding spyware and other potentially unwanted technologies. Composed of anti-spyware software companies, academics, and consumer groups, the ASC seeks to bring together a diverse array of perspective on the problem of controlling spyware and other potentially unwanted technologies. ESET is actively participating in these important discussions.

Microsoft Virus Information Alliance (VIA)

ESET has joined forces with Microsoft and other anti-virus vendors to provide detailed information on significant viruses that affect Microsoft products. Microsoft’s PSS Security Team will post updated information on this website regarding new and potentially damaging viruses that have been discovered in the wild.


CiscoR Network Admission Control (NAC) leverages the network infrastructure to limit damage from viruses and worms. Using Cisco NAC, organizations can provide network access to endpoint devices, such as PCs, PDAs, and servers that fully comply with established security policy. Cisco NAC allows noncompliant devices to be denied access, placed in a quarantined area, or given restricted access to computing resources.


ESET has over 25 years' experience of helping people to Enjoy Safer Technology. Our software is light on hardware, but hard on malware.

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