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Layered Protection

ESET can help you protect your PC and personal information from malware and other threats. Many security experts recommend a “layered” approach to security for maximum protection. The following products complement ESET security and can add to your overall security portfolio:


Your PC stores a variety of important information, which may include family photos, school work, and financial documents. A hardware crash, virus, or accidental deletion could mean the loss of hours of work or irreplaceable memories. Backing up your PC can protect you and your data from a variety of threats.


Home PCs and laptops store the ever-changing data, video, music and photos of your digital life. But surprisingly, are backed up by most users less than once a month, according to a new survey of the backup habits of home users conducted by Acronis®, Inc., a provider of affordable, scalable storage management and disaster recovery software.

The online survey of 6,091 home users in North America found that 64% of users back up their hard drives just every two to three months or less frequently, far less often than any industry organization or publication recommends. This number is in sharp contrast with another survey finding – 80 percent of users have lost information and had to restore it.

Identity Protection

Identity theft is the #1 crime in the United States and happens to 1 in 4 people ever year. Did you know that thieves are figuring out new ways to steal your identity every day?

Your identity is much more than a credit score or report. It is your entire life; your medical, financial, legal, and family profiles. Protecting your and your loved one’s identities should be part of your everyday life.


Credit monitoring services watch your credit report, but the fact is there is a lot more to your identity - your credit report is just part of the picture. Trusted ID protects more aspects of your identity, including: Financial Identity Protection, Medical Benefits Protection, Social Security Benefits Protection, Online Security, and Public Database Scanning.

Parental Controls

Why provide Online Protection for Your Children?

  • In a survey of 2,000 U.S. adolescents, 42.9% reported being cyber bullied within the previous 30 days.
  • An online victimization study reports that one in seven children aged 10 to 17 has been sexually solicited online.
  • A simple Google search uncovers more than 200 million porn pages.


A high quality parental control solution will help you protect your children from cyber bullies, predators and adult-oriented websites, so that they can enjoy a safe and age-appropriate online experience. As a concerned parent you need to make sure that the solution you’ll select will easily place you in the Internet-safety driver’s seat.

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Other Safe Practices

Email Safety

If you receive an attachment in email, verify (call or email) that the person who sent it intended to send it. Some viruses make the email look like it came from your friend, when it actually was sent from somebody else's computer. If the email did not come from someone you know then delete it.

You will never get millions of dollars, or even hundreds of dollars for helping someone by providing your bank account to store their money. You will always lose money trying to make money this way because it is always a scam that requires you to pay more money than you will have already received. These scams only work against you.

No company should send you programs in email unless you have talked to them specifically about what they are sending and you are on a support call or web support session while you receive the email with the program.

Financial Safety

Your bank, eBay, PayPal, your stock broker and so forth will not send an unsolicited email telling you that you need to provide your account number, PIN, or password in email or at their web site. Even if the email or web page says there is a problem with your account it is a hoax. Even if you find something like this that is not a hoax, it only means the vendor does not understand security well enough to safely do business with.

If a charity asks for your support, make sure it is very well known, such as Red Cross, United Way, etc. Check with (BBB Wise Giving Alliance). In Google or your favorite search engine type in the following words "Iowa attorney general avoid charity scam". Use the name of your state instead of Iowa and you will find results with good information from your state's attorney general's office!

Stay Patched

Make sure you have the most current patches that address security holes in your computer's operating system and applications. As software vendors discover vulnerabilities in their applications, they make fixes available in the form of patches or service packs.

IMPORTANT: Microsoft is not going to send you a patch in email. If you get one from Microsoft call their free virus support line at 1-866-PCSAFETY or 1-866-727-2338 to report a fraud or an employee who is not following the rules. After that, delete the email.

If you use Microsoft® Windows™, subscribe to the Microsoft Windows Update Service. From the Start programs menue, open the Control Panel and select System Properties. Click on the "Automatic Updates" tab and make sure that automatic updates is enabled. Consider installing the Windows XP Service Pack 3, which will keep Internet Explorer patched. Note, that even the Mozilla's FireFox web browser has security patches available (you'll notice the green up arrow in the upper right corner of the toolbar). Check with your other software vendors for patches and updates.

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