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ESET NOD32 ANTIVIRUS FOR LINUX DESKTOP currently receives limited support and will be terminated in Q3 2022. Learn more
Business users should install ESET Endpoint Antivirus for Linux or buy it as part of ESET PROTECT Entry.

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  • Fixed: IBM Lotus Notes crashes occasionally when real-time file system protection is enabled
  • Fixed: Running command "file" shows "Bad system call" error
  • Updated: EULA


  • Fixed: Compatibility of Real-time scanner with 3rd party applications, like Google Chrome or Firefox


  • Fixed: Graphical user interface service crashes
  • Fixed: "Sudo apt --reinstall install wget" command error
  • Fixed: Privacy policy button in installation wizard
  • Fixed: Occasional issue when opening a folder on a desktop in a Gnome environment


  • Fixed: Crashing of Mozilla Firefox
  • Fixed: Crashing of nrof when running man results


  • Changed: Updated legal terms and sensitive information handling due to EU General Data Protection Regulation
  • Fixed: Missing text in protection status message when product is not updated
  • Fixed: Unnecessary listing of mounted network shares excluded from on-demand scanning
  • Fixed: 32-bit processes not protected by on-access library in multiarch environment
  • Fixed: Installation fails if mounted /tmp has "noexec" privileges
  • Fixed: Installation scripts do not detect LIB directories correctly


  • Fixed: Occasional crashing of application
  • Fixed: Localization improvements


  • Fix: Added: Support of new distributions using systemd
  • Added: Internal product security hardening against targeted attacks
  • Fix: Crash when running on battery
  • Fix: Chromium browser does not work after installation of ESET NOD32 Antivirus for Linux Desktop


  • Fix: Support of Gnome 3 and Unity desktop environments
  • Fix: Removable media blocking – fix for openSUSE Linux
  • Fix: "Log Records Default Filter" functionality
  • Fix: Several localization issues
  • Enhancement: Battery Mode – scheduler does not run when PC works on battery
  • Enhancement: GUI enhancements


  • Enhancement: Implementation of av update parameters (failsafe server/username/password)
  • Enhancement: Support of additional localizations installation
  • Enhancement: Implementation of "do not run on battery" functionality into scheduler
  • Enhancement: GUI enahancements
  • Fix: Fixed compatibility (installation issue) with Ubuntu 11.10
  • Fix: Issue with "Purchase license" button fixed
  • Known issue: GUI issue with Ubuntu's Unity desktop. NOTE: For instructions on how to enable ESET GUI in Ubuntu Unity go here.

Version 4.0.66

  • Enhancement: Possibility to run next scan from tray icon if first one is running already
  • Enhancement: implementation of "Show password" in the dialog window with the license
  • Enhancement: more frequent checking of license validity
  • Enhancement: F1 (help) added to all other windows in Graphical User Interface
  • Fix: Unable to load Lotus notes if ESET NOD32 Antivirus is installed
  • Fix: Issues with loading web pages using Chrome
  • Fix: Scheduler - Time of task execution adjusted for successful running of scheduled task
  • Fix: Issues with description text in help
  • Fix: Icon in tray does not include link to Scheduler
  • Fix: Issues with Slider object in "Protection" settings under “Clean Level” section
  • Fix: Issues with reset button in Statistics pane of main Graphical User Interface
  • Fix: Crash with Lotus Symphony
  • Fix: issues with high resolution ESET icon on netbooks with Ubuntu
  • Fix: GUI not initializing after reboot in Debian 5.0.8
  • Fix: Issues with multiple quarantine restore and exclude functionality
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