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Does your antivirus protect against identity theft?

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Does your antivirus protect against identity theft?

Shopping online? Using personal data on the Internet?
ESET Anti-Phishing protects you from attempts to acquire passwords,
banking data and other information by fake websites masquerading as legitimate ones.

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What is phishing
and why you should care?

Phishing is a form of online attack by fake websites crafted to resemble your bank’s website or other ones you frequent. Their sole purpose is to trick you into entering a piece of sensitive data – such as a password, credit card number or other closely guarded secret.

to the rescue

At ESET, we maintain and constantly update an extensive database of fraudulent websites, and invent new ways to detect phishing sites based on their malicious behavior – so that they are simply blocked once you happen to come across them.

Does your AV
provide sufficient protection?

With growing number and sophistication of phishing sites, it is important that an antivirus solution protects against them – and some antiviruses simply don’t. ESET provides you with advanced Anti-Phishing with top detection rates. In addition, you get a free telephone & email customer care.

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Start Getting Protected Now

ESET Anti-Phishing comes standard with the legendary
ESET NOD32 Antivirus 6. Other features include
antimalware, device control to prevent infection
via USBs and DVDs, and Social Media Scanner.

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Browse ESET Knowledgebase should you need assistance. See also:  Anti-Theft  |  Anti-Phishing


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