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What is Parental control and what does it do?

The Parental control module

Key Features

Additional Configuration


Parental control tutorial


Parental control module

To access the Parental control module:

  1. Open ESET Smart Security. How do I open my ESET product? 
  2. Click Setup and click Disabled Enable next to Parental control to enable Parental controls if you have not already.

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  1. Click Parental control.

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Key Features

The Parental control module consists of a quick Enable / Disable feature, as well as a list of active Microsoft User Accounts. Clicking Enabled allows you to temporarily disable Parental control for a specified duration. You can re-enable Parental control at any time by clicking Disabled Enable. Parents can also use Parental control to password protect their ESET product settings.

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  • User restrictions based upon Age: From the Parental control module, parents can control and monitor Internet access by configuring an age for Microsoft Windows User Accounts. Click Setup to make changes to access settings, or click a user's age to change it.

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  • Restric access by category: Parents can also restrict access by adding or removing items from the list of web categories for each user account. If the check box next to category is selected then it is allowed. By deselecting a specific category, parents can block it for the selected account. Mousing over a category will show you a list of web pages that fall into that category.  

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  • Block Web Pages: Another key feature of Parental control is the ability to restrict access to inappropriate content by blocking access to certain web pages. To add a web page, type it's URL into the field at the bottom of this screen, select Block or Allow from the drop-down menu and then click Add.

Figure 1-6
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  • Activity Logging: Click Tools  Log files  Parental control to view a detailed log of Parental control activity (blocked pages, the account the page was blocked for, reason, etc.).

Additional Configuration 

To access account settings in Advanced setup press F5 and expand Parental control  Accounts. From Advanced setup tree, administrators can:

  • Add / Edit / Remove user accounts 
  • Allow / restrict categories for user accounts

  • Add / Edit / Remove web pages from the exceptions list

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