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Malware and antivirus software

What precautions should I take to prevent a virus infection?

1. Keep your NOD32 virus signature database up to date

It is essential for an antivirus system to ensure the best detection capabilities by keeping the virus signatures always up to date. Without doing so, your computer would be exposed to the latest virus threats. Since updates are usually released on a daily basis (sometimes even more times a day) we recommend that you check for newer updates at least once a day in case of a dial-up connection, or in 1-hour time intervals. Updates can be scheduled to perform automatically.

2. Keep the on-acces scanner (AMON) enabled

AMON as an on-access scanner is the most crucial part of the NOD32 antivirus system. Since AMON scans all files you run/access/open/create in real time, without having it enabled your computer is exposed to virus attacks. Having AMON enabled is indicated by a white-green NOD32 icon in the lower right-hand corner of yourscreen. When disabled, the icon turns red.

3. Install a firewall

4. Perform a full system scan using the NOD32 on-demand scanner from time to time

5. Do not open suspicious attachments sent from unknown people, or attachments you didn't expect

6. Do not share the entire C drive

By not sharing the Windows directory you will prevent viruses from copying over local network (e.g. the Opaserv worm). If you need to share your disk, please either reserve a special directory for sharing, or set a password protection for sharing (it shouldn't be a simple one as some viruses attempt to use simple passwords).


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