Registration and Installation Guide

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Registration and Installation Guide

How do I Register ESET?

Please visit to input Product Serial Number and related information to register NOD32.

Please be remarked that you must input information with the column marked with * symbol. You will receive new username and password through the email address you provided within 15 minutes.

* After you registered the serial number once, it will activate all the number of users you purchased at the same time and all the licensed computers will be used the same username and password.



How do I Download and Install ESET Smart Security?

* Download, install and activate ESET Smart Security using ESET Live Installer
* Download, install and activate ESET Smart Security using a CD

I. Uninstall other antivirus software

You must uninstall any previously installed antivirus software from your system before installing your ESET product (uninstallers for common antivirus software). When you are finished, continue to part II to install your product.

II. Download the ESET Live Installer or insert CD

If you have a CD, insert the CD into your computer (if the installation does not begin automatically, click Start → Computer and double-click the ESET disc icon) and proceed to part II. If you do not have a functioning CD drive, follow the steps below to download your product:


2. Click Save when prompted and save the file to your Desktop (once the download has completed, you may be prompted to click Run and begin the installation process. If the installer does not run automatically, navigate to your Desktop or wherever you saved the downloaded file and double-click it to open). When you are ready, continue to part III.

III. Install ESET Smart Security

1. In the Install ESET Security screen, click Continue.

2. Click I Accept.


3. Select the check box next to Yes, I want to participate (recommended). In the Detection of Potentially Unwanted Applications section, select your preferred option (see What is a potentially unwanted application?) and click Install.


4. Click Done to exit the Installation Wizard.


5. The Product activation window will open automatically. Type or copy/paste your License Key into the blank field and click Activate. If you have a CD, type your Activation Key (printed on the label) into the blank field. Be sure to include hypens. I don't have my License Key email us.


6. If you entered your credentials correctly, you will see the Activation successful screen. Click Done to complete your activation. If you have a CD and used an Activation Key to activate, you will see a registration screen. Complete all relevant fields and click Activate → Done.

7. In the Network connection found window, click Home or office network.

8. In the ESET Anti-Theft screen, click Create new account (if you already have an account, use your email address and password to login). If the window does not appear automatically, click Setup → Security tools and then click the slider next to Anti-Theft

9. Type a name for your device into the Device name field and click Next.

10. Click Create new account online.

11. Fill in the required fields and click Create new account.

12. After you complete the registration, you will be able to log in to at any time to manage your device(s). For more information about ESET Anti-Theft, see the following Knowledgebase articles:

How do I set up ESET Anti-Theft?
How do I resolve an Anti-Theft optimization warning is ESET Smart Security?


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