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ESET official statement to Kerio EOL announcement

Created: 2012-11-09 03:19:00

For the several past years, ESET has been one of few vendors that was offering external AV protection for customers using Kerio solutions.

We' ve supported them by the integration of our scanning API included in Kerio Mail Server (renamed to Connect) and Kerio Win Route

Firewall (renamed to Control).

However, as Kerio was moving away from individual applications towards software & virtual appliances (on which integration with us

wasn' t possible) they' ve tried to push integrated Sophos AV.

In their official blog post they are announcing that they will drop the support for external plugins in 2013, due to low interest from their

customers, when even the most used 3rd party AV accounted just for the 2% of user base.

Our sales were dropping constantly since 2009, due to aggressive pricing policy and technological shift that external vendors (including

ESET) were not able to respond to.


Kerio approach:

1. Later this year, Kerio will remove the anti-virus plug-in dialog from the admin interfaces of Kerio Control 7.4 & Kerio Connect


  • Fresh new installation of Kerio products won' t show the AV choice dialog, customers will be able only to use Sophos / No protection.
  • For existing users of Kerio products & our ESET solution, upgrade will preserve the current settings.
  • Currently available version of Kerio Connect is 7.4.3 & currently available version of Kerio Connect is 7.3.2 (meaning that both products are just one version prior to the one without support).

2. In 2013, plug-in code will be removed completely. If customer upgrades from older version to newer, he won' t be able to use

his Kerio product with our AV solution anymore.


ESET approach:

1. ESET will continue to sell the Kerio licenses, however we will perform further adjustments:

  •   We will change our messaging (webpages / documentation / license e-mails) that we will explicitly mention the  supported versions (as above), meaning that customers using older versions of Kerio products will be enabled to continuous usage of our product.
  • We will limit new licenses / renewals for one year licensing period only, so we will be able to monitor and actively react on further developments in this field (retract further sales in case of EOL).
  • Under current circumstances, we will claim, that we won' t be releasing any newer products supporting Kerio integration (this is valid for Kerio Connect on Linux, which is dependent on ESET Mail Security for Linux/BSD/Solaris 3rd generation).
  • Customers willing to migrate their license to any of our products (Mail / Gateway Security, as recommended by Kerio) will be able to do so with no charge.
  • We will advice not to support direct refunds, however this have to be handled according to regional sales specifics, special cases would have to be approved by channel managers.

2. ESET will continue examining further possibilities in this field and inform you accordingly.


ESET / Kerio updated compatibility list:

Supported versions of Kerio Connect / Kerio Mailserver (on Windows)

(supported by ESET NOD32 AV version 3.0, 4.0 and 4.2, ESET Endpoint Antivirus & EFSW):

  • Kerio Connect 7.0 & later, until version 7.5.x
  • Kerio Mail Server 6.7.x & later

Supported versions of Kerio Connect / Kerio Mailserver (on Linux):

(supported by ESET Mail Security for Linux/BSD/Solaris, up to version 3.0.22):

  • Kerio Connect 7.0 & later, until version 7.5.x
  • Kerio Mail Server 6.1.2 & later


Supported versions of Kerio Control / Kerio WinRoute Firewall (on Windows):

(supported by ESET NOD32 AV version 3.0, 4.0 and 4.2, ESET Endpoint Antivirus & EFSW):

  • Kerio Control 7.0 & later, until version 7.4.x
  • Kerio WinRoute Firewall 6.6x and newer


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