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Legend Maker in the AV Industry: ESET NOD32 Won the 50th VB100 Award and Is The Safest Antivirus Worldwide

Created: 2008-06-24 17:09:01

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Virus Bulletin once quoted that ‘ESET NOD32 is the only Antivirus
that hasn’t missed a single worm sample worldwide, since May, 1998’

In the beginning of June 2008, Virus Bulletin, a specialist in the related field of viruses and malwares, announced their latest test results, which include 15 mainstream antivirus products worldwide, and 7 failed the test this time, while ESET NOD32, which is known for its Lightness, Fluidity, Accuracy and Effectiveness, has passed once again. This is the 50th time that NOD32 has passed this test over the past 10 years. This symbolizes success and recognition from the authoritative organizations and at the same time, it is also a sign of new development and reform of the antivirus technology. The 50th VB award with its historical significance is a great honor and recognition of the regression to the technology-oriented products. This gives our consumers a substantial criterion in their antivirus product and further built up their trust and confidence with ESET.

The VB100 test was carried out in an unbiased manner, where all antivirus products would be tested for their detection and false positive rates, only those antiviruses which is able to detect 100% with 0 false positive will be awarded with VB100 award. For many popular antivirus products, being awarded with a VB100 award is more than just a credential, as getting through was never easy. For Eset NOD32, this test has become a benchmark for its consistency in performance.

With rapid evolution of computer viruses, an antivirus which relies mainly on virus database may face immediate challenge of detection and removal of the latest viruses and threats.

VB100‘s test results give us a glimpse of the technological merits and strength of different vendors. ESET NOD32 with its world-leading advanced heuristic antivirus engine ThreatSense ™, is able to detect the latest unknown virus and known virus through both static heuristic and dynamic heuristic detection. Its interception rate is 60% higher than that of its competitors.

With consistency in passing each test, ESET NOD32 is the most reliable solution for viruses and potential threats detection.


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