Extended detection & response

Malware and antivirus software

Extended detection & response

Extended detection & response

Extended detection and response (XDR) from ESET empowers you to quickly and effectively identify anomalous behavior and breaches, and provides advanced risk assessment, incident response, investigation and remediation capabilities.

ESET Inspect

The XDR-enabling component of the ESET PROTECT platform, delivering breach prevention, enhanced visibility and remediation.
Also available as part of our ESET PROTECT MDR solution.

Endpoint protection

Endpoint protection platform (EPP) is a security solution deployed on company devices to prevent cyber attacks, detect malicious activity, and provide instant remediation capabilities.

ESET Endpoint Security 

Multilayered protection across all platforms


Why do customers appreciate our XDR solution?

Today, organizations need increased visibility into their endpoints, devices, and network to ensure that emerging threats, risky employee behavior, and unwanted applications do not risk their profits or reputation. ESET Inspect is the cloud-delivered, XDR-enabling component of the ESET PROTECT platform. It provides unique behavior - and reputation-based detection that is fully transparent to security teams, giving them real-time feedback based on threat intelligence provided by the global ESET LiveGrid® reputation system.


Detection and response from a trusted, research-based, security-first vendor with 30 years’ experience at the cutting edge of digital security


Tightly integrated with ESET’s multilayered prevention products, based on technology that has won numerous awards and is recognised industry-wide


It works out-of-the-box, but is powerful enough for experienced threat hunters, offering granular controls for optimal tailoring to each user's environment


Detailed network visibility across multiple layers – including email, network attack protection, antiphishing, servers – with transparent detection rules

Common use cases

Worried about

New forms of ransomware?

A business wants additional tools to proactively detect ransomware in addition to being notified promptly if ransomware-like behavior was seen in the network.

Worried about

Behavior detection and repeat offenders?

Some users in your network are repeat offenders when it comes to malware. The same users continue to get infected time after time.

Worried about

Threat hunting and blocking?

Your early warning system or security operations center (SOC) delivers a new threat warning. What are your next steps?

What makes ESET's solution a perfect fit for your needs?

Extended detection & response

ESET Inspect

Provides risk managers and incident responders with outstanding threat and system visibility, allowing them to perform fast and in-depth root cause analysis and immediately respond to incidents.

Paired with the time-tested prevention power of ESET Endpoint Protection products, ESET Inspect is a cloud-delivered, XDR-enabling solution to:

  • Detect advanced persistent threats
  • Stop fileless attacks
  • Block zero-day threats
  • Protect against ransomware
  • Prevent company policy violation

What do ESET customers say about ESET Inspect?

"Total protection with easy management"

Overall the experience has been great. The application itself is easy to install and maintain over the cloud. Read full review

Industry: Retailers

"Good and nice product of security"

Good way installation and deployment, need only one more integration in the general console. Support is excellent with the best accompaniment and help. Read full review

Industry: Professional Services

"Great European Detect & Respond Tool"

The Enterprise Inspector is completely integrated into the Endpoint Security Solution. Rollout is very easy. Read full review

Industry: IT Services

Explore ESET Inspect features

Multiplatform coverage

ESET Inspect supports Windows, macOS, and Linux, which makes it a perfect choice for multiplatform environments.

Public API

ESET Inspect features a Public REST API that enables the accessing and exporting of detections and their remediation to allow effective integration with tools such as SIEM, SOAR, ticketing tools and many others.


ESET Inspect references its detections to the MITRE Adversarial Tactics, Techniques, and Common Knowledge (ATT&CK™) framework, which in one click provides you with full data about even highly complex threats.

Flexibility of deployment

We let you decide how to deploy your security solution: It can run via your own servers on-prem, or via a cloudbased installation, allowing you to tune your setup according to your TCO targets and hardware capacity.

Automation and customization

Easily tune ESET Inspect to the level of detail and automation you need. At setup, choose how much interaction and data storage you want, then let Learning Mode map your environment and suggest settings.

Reputation system

Extensive filtering enables security engineers to identify every known good application, using ESET’s robust reputation system, so your security teams can focus on threats, not false positives.

Committed to the highest industry standards

ESET is a 'Major Player' in modern endpoint security IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Modern Endpoint Security for Enterprises 2021 Vendor Assessment

Learn more

ESET was awarded in multiple independent tests

See test results

ESET is a ‘Top Player’ in endpoint security Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) Protection - Market Quadrant 2021

Learn more

ESET PROTECT Advanced is a leader in Endpoint Protection Suites on G2

ESET is appreciated by customers worldwide

Read full reviews

ESET is among 'Established Vendors' in endpoint protection

Learn more

ESET is an active contributor to MITRE, and ESET Inspect references its detections to the MITRE Adversarial Tactics, Techniques, and Common Knowledge (ATT&CKTM) framework. ESET regularly participates in MITRE evaluations.

ESET is compliant with ISO/IEC 27001:2013 - an internationally recognized and applicable security standard in implementing and managing information security. See the certificate

ESET demonstrates ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements for a quality management system (QMS) in compliance with ISO 9001:2015. See the certificate

The certification is granted by the third-party accredited certification body SGS and demonstrates ESET's full compliance with industry-leading best practices.

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ESET's Extended detection & response is available in the following solutions

Extended detection and response (XDR) that delivers enterprise-grade visibility, threat hunting and response options.

Extended detection & response

All included components:
  • Management Console
  • Endpoint Protection
  • File Server Security
  • Full Disk Encryption
  • Advanced Threat Defense
  • Extended detection & response
  • MDR services
    Premium Support

Airtight protection of your IT environment, with complete cyber risk management and world-class ESET expertise on call.

Extended detection & response

All included components:
  • Management Console
  • Endpoint Protection
  • File Server Security
  • Full Disk Encryption
  • Advanced Threat Defense
  • Extended Detection & Response
  • MDR services
  • Premium Support

Trusted by companies

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protected by ESET since 2017
more than 9,000 endpoints

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protected by ESET since 2016
more than 4,000 mailboxes

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protected by ESET since 2016
more than 32,000 endpoints

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ESET has over 25 years' experience of helping people to Enjoy Safer Technology. Our software is light on hardware, but hard on malware.

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