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See how ESET measures up against other security products.


See how ESET® stacks up against the competition in tests by leading independent testing organizations. Find out what differentiates ESET from other Internet security solutions on the market today.

Industry leading with the most Virus Bulletin awards

Virus Bulletin Awards | Enterprise Antivirus Comparison
Success ratio (%)
Selected antivirus vendors (not a complete list)
Source:, May 1998 - April 2013

In-the-Wild viruses are real viruses that have been reported to Wildlist organizations by at least two independent reporters. ESET NOD32® Antivirus is the only solution in the world that has never missed an In-the-Wild virus since the inception of testing in May 1998.

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The most Advanced+ awards in retrospective tests

ESET wins the most Awards in user tests
Number of awards received
Selected Antivirus Vendors (not a complete list)
Source:, May 2004 - December 2012

ESET holds the record number of the highest Advanced+ awards in proactive detection by AV-Comparatives. No other vendor was able to match this achievement to date.

Proactive detection refers to the way ESET security solutions detect malicious programs that have not yet been discovered and catalogued. The scanning engine is trained to detect malware without relying on the updates of the antivirus signatures, i.e. catching malware by its intrinsic "malicious" behavior.


High detection rates and low false positives

AV Comparatives Proactive Awards for Enterprise
Proactive Protection (%)
Selected Antivirus Vendors (not a complete list)
Source:, March 2012

Every day cyber criminals create thousands of new malware variants, making it difficult for an antivirus solution to strike the right balance between detecting these emerging threats and flagging legitimate programs. ESET’s unique ThreatSense® technology strikes this balance, closing the vulnerability to emerging threats while keeping false positives to a minimum.




ESET has over 25 years' experience of helping people to Enjoy Safer Technology. Our software is light on hardware, but hard on malware.

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