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2020-07-14ESET discovers a chat app spying on users and leaking stolen data
2020-07-09ESET Research dissects Evilnum Group as its malware targets online trading
2020-06-29Brute-force attacks targeting remote access increased during the COVID-19 pandemic, ESET confirms
2020-06-24ESET reaffirms ‘Champion’ position in global Cybersecurity Leadership Matrix 2020
2020-06-18ESET researchers reveal modus operandi of the elusive InvisiMole group as it targeted military and diplomatic entities
2020-06-17Operation In(ter)ception: Starting with a LinkedIn message, threat actors went after both secret information and money
2020-06-15ESET launches latest version of ESET Enterprise Inspector, strengthening its Endpoint Detection and Response solution
2020-06-11Gamaredon group targets Microsoft Outlook and Office, ESET researchers report
2020-06-04ESET removes Social Media Scanner from product portfolio due to restrictions on third-party API applications
2020-05-27ESET Performs Best in Inaugural Test of Android Security Apps for Corporate Users
2020-05-26Cyber-espionage group Turla (a.k.a. Snake) now uses Gmail web interface for command and control, ESET discovers
2020-05-26[Special Announcement] Server will be regularly maintenance on 2020-06-02
2020-05-22ESET researchers detect a new trick used by malware to slip into the official Android app store
2020-05-21Winnti Group targets video game developers again, ESET researchers uncover
2020-05-20ESET included as Enterprise Architecture EDR solution in Now Tech report
2020-05-19ESET-funded, Slovak-made diagnostic kit for COVID-19 receives regulatory approval in the Slovak Republic, with 100,000 tests ready for delivery
2020-05-14Deconstructing Mikroceen: Researchers uncover spying backdoor attacking high-profile targets in Central Asia
2020-05-13ESET Research discovers cyber espionage framework Ramsay
2020-05-06Internews and ESET develop security partnership to protect human rights defenders
2020-05-06ESET upgrades security management for organizations running Microsoft Azure
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