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2006-12-27ESET NOD32 for Microsoft Windows has been updated to v2.70.23/v2.70.25 and is now available in the Czech, English, Russian and Slovak languages.
2006-11-29Deer Valley Unified School District Relies on ESET to Protect 6,000 Users
2006-11-23Game On! ESET and Matrix Games Team to Protect Gamers with Minimal Impact on System Performance
2006-11-18ESET NOD32 for Microsoft Windows Version 2.7 has been released.
2006-11-09ESET NOD32 v2.7 Release Candidate 1 (v2.70.12) has been released
2006-11-06ESET to Host Inaugural North American Partner Conference
2006-10-12ESET Achieves 40th Virus Bulletin 100% Award
2006-10-09ESET NOD32 Blocks VML Exploit Attacks
2006-09-12ESET's Advanced Heuristics Technology Validated by Independent Test
2006-09-12Good Tests are Important
2006-09-06Ontario Ministry of Education Chooses ESET NOD32 to Protect against Malware and Spyware
2006-08-16How Do You Test Anti-Virus For Unknown Virus Detection?
2006-08-10New versions of ESET NOD32 for Linux File Servers, ESET NOD32 for Linux Mail Servers, ESET NOD32 for BSD File Servers and ESET NOD32 for BSD Mail Servers are now available.
2006-07-04ESET’s NOD32 Achieves Highest Level of Certification in Anti-Virus Comparative Test
-0001-11-30ESET Researchers Discover Links Between Major Cybersecurity Attacks
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