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Because schools can often be the most rigorous malware environments.

Schools and universities help shape not only the minds of our children, but also the character of our communities. ESET helps educational organizations around the globe achieve their missions with a little more peace of mind. Contact us regarding our generous educational discounts.

In some respects, Universities and colleges represent a more challenging IT and network security challenge than typical corporate networks. With the rise of P2P, file sharing, and MP3 trading, campuses have become a haven for viruses and spyware. By nature, these networks are fairly open and unsegmented. A virus or worm on one student’s PC can quickly spread throughout the entire dorm or even campus.

This problem was so great for one college Security Analyst that he performed his own in-depth study of antivirus products. No vendor came out unscathed, but he eventually gave the “nod” to ESET’s NOD32 antivirus system. Read the[Colby-Sawyer Case Study].

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